App freezes after a while when uploading music files

Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:38 am in AirDroid Web

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App freezes after a while when uploading music files

I'm trying to upload 250+ MP3's to my phone. Everything is working as it should at first, but eventually (random, everything from 10 - 100 files copied) the app freezes. I've set it to keep the screen turned on, but that didn't help.
Things look ok, there is no error message. It's only until you notice that the browser upload progress is stuck at the same file and percentage that you realize something's wrong. After force closing the app and reconnecting I can start copying files again. Worst part is, I have to manually keep track of what folders were copied and which were not, because AirDroid will otherwise rename the folders into "mp3 (2)", etc....

My specs are:
Windows 7
Google Nexus One
Android 2.3.6

- EDIT -
And now the phone just froze solid, no reaction no matter what I do. Even if I disconnect the charger, the charging light stays on (!). No choice but to pull the battery, which might mess up the SD card...


Same Problem with my Phone.

Windows 7, Firefox, Samsung Galaxy S with android 4.1 (Cyanogenmod)
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