no music preview

Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:40 am in AirDroid Web

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no music preview

hello all

my system is a gentoo linux I use firefox 7 or opera 11.52. phone is samsung S i9000

on both all is working very well. so I first want to thanks the developer for this great app

only issue, is that if I hover on a song in music, then select play, it just gives me a little player with the song name and the value of 00.00.00:00.00.00 probably meaning that it does not detect the listen time. therefore it probably does not detect the song.

I can play those songs on my system and on my phone but not in airdroid

any advice is welcome

airdroidAdmin Admin


Sorry for this issue. AirDroid has not been tested on Gentoo yet. Will you please try Chrome on Gentoo to see if it's a browser issue? Thanks :)
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