zip download permissions are wrong - cannot open files

Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:13 pm in AirDroid Web

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zip download permissions are wrong - cannot open files

when I download several photos from my phone - as a zip archive - and extract the archive, I cannot open the files. I don't have READ permissions.
zipinfo on the archive gives (an example) :

zipinfo '/home/rick/Downloads/'
Archive: /home/rick/Downloads/
Zip file size: 10485590 bytes, number of entries: 3
?-w----r-T 2.0 unx 3238647 bl defN 13-Nov-28 09:13 IMG_20131103_103510.jpg
?-w----r-T 2.0 unx 4237175 bl defN 13-Nov-28 09:13 IMG_20131103_103519.jpg
?-w----r-T 2.0 unx 3066103 bl defN 13-Nov-28 09:13 IMG_20131110_105607.jpg
3 files, 10541925 bytes uncompressed, 10485154 bytes compressed: 0.5%


Hi brainstormtropper,
Thanks for your feedback. Would you please tell us what web browser are you using? What OS? Your device model, Android version and AirDroid version? The path of the photos you tried to download?
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