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Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:49 pm in AirDroid Web

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Hello, I have a similar problem. I'm trying to start Airdroid app through adb with command:

./adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.sand.airdroid/com.sand.airdroid.ui.splash.SplashActivity_

But I can't connect to device via Wi-Fi. (I checked Wi-Fi connection and phone connected to router properly) Not sure is app starts Airdroid service. The only process similar to Airdroid is:

u0_a93 17598 130 523212 53156 ffffffff 00000000 S com.sand.airdroid

I checked it with:

./adb shell ps

Any ideas?


Ok, I take a screenshot using:

./adb shell screencap -p | sed 's/\r$//' > screen.png

This command will save screenshot to adb folder.

And I figured out that I should press "Start" button. :D
I have working touchscreen, so I just press it and connected with Wi-Fi. If you haven't got working touch you should use:

./adb shell input tap x y

Good luck.



If you have installed AirDroid and signed in to AirDroid app on your device before, your device is connected to the network, then you can sign in to with the same AirDroid account to build the connection.

And the method @niihelium mentioned also works. You can build the connection via Lite Mode in this way.


Thank you!
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