SMS Do not load on Dual Sim phone

Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:37 am in AirDroid Web

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SMS Do not load on Dual Sim phone

I have a Singtech SGT-X40 Dual sim phone running Android 2.3.6. The messages icon says that I have one new message but when I click on the icon the screen never loads any messages. The blue travelling dots just keep going across the screen forever. I left it for 45 minutes and still the same blue dots travelling across the screen.
Has anybody seen similar errors on a dual sim or alternatively got a totally successful sms experiance on a dual sim running the same android version.



I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Would really appreciate it if the developer could add multi SIM support to future versions of AirDroid. I've been a fan of the app since my Galaxy ACE and have helped lots of friend and family find this app.

Now I find that I am not able to use it for texting any more since my new hardware supports dual SIMs.

If you could find time to update it, I'd be delighted if I could use it again!


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