file transfer causes cable Internet to fail, why?

Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:52 pm in AirDroid Web

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file transfer causes cable Internet to fail, why?

Every time that I try to transfer an m4a file from my PC to my HTC One android, somewhere in the middle of the transfer the modem stops transmitting Internet service. All devices in the house suddenly stop receiving Internet through the wifi router. The only way to get internet service back is to unplug the modem and router for 30 seconds and then reconnect. Occasionally, one entire song will transfer, but even then the disconnect happens by the second song.

The problem is not that the phone disconnects from airdroid, but that the whole wifi network drops out and the modem stops receiving signal. It's as if the volume of traffic "angers" the modem and causes it to shut off.

Any ideas?


Hi goodstafford,
Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.

It seems a rare case.

It happened all the time? All Internet service on PC, phones are down?

Could you please tell us what web browser are you using? The OS?

All your devices are connected to Wi-Fi? Or Hotspot?

Thanks in advance!
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