AirDroid vs HTC Sense, etc

Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:16 am in AirDroid Web

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AirDroid vs HTC Sense, etc

New to AirDroid and Android. Apologies for any ignorance or stupid questions.

HTC Sensation on Android 2.3.4 with HTC Sense 3.0.5606 on Windows 7 PC.

Primary reason for using this app: easy SMS typing. Other features useful too. Love the interface. Thanks for this app!

Some problems though ...

1. HTC Sense has synced music and documents to the phone. I have taken photos. None of these is visible in AirDroid, although the phone happily finds them with standard apps. When I try to connect to Files with AirDroid, the wheels spin trying to read the SD card, but nothing happens -- if I try to refresh, it says "Failed with network error" ... but I can look at my contacts, SMS messages, no problem.

2. With my contacts I get duplicates because they do not appear to be identified as phone or SD card. Need to identify and be able to manage them separately -- is there a way to do that?

3. Control via PC only seems to work if the phone app is open on the phone and visible as the active app. If I close the app, unlike some other apps it really seems to disappear and PC control of the phone stops with network error. Why can't the app be closed but sit in the background and still allow me to work through the browser?

For me, the value of the app is in letting me use my browser to control the phone (SMS in particular) in a transparent manner, which means I don't even have to know the app is running on the phone, so long as in the background it is doing the stuff needed. Is this possible?

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Thanks for these detailed feedback. We're looking into these issues now.


Thanks for your encouraging response. Further update: I think a number of the issues (1 and 3) are dependent on connecting through HTC Sense the "correct" way -- if it is anything other than "Charge Only", the SD card becomes unavailable and so probably manifests as the errors I saw. Issue 2, however, is generic.

So long as AirDroid is fully compatible with HTC Sense, it will be brilliant -- any incompatibilities will discourage people from using it, I fear. I certainly want to use both seamlessly.

Many thanks for AirDroid! I love the approach.
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