Drag and Drop Issues

Sat Sep 27, 2014 4:12 am in AirDroid Web

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Drag and Drop Issues

I was using
AirDroid to download my videos and pictures from my HTC One onto my
MacBook Pro. Unfortunately the file that had most of my pictures and
videos (directory DCIM/100Media) was too large. AirDroid and my
computer would lose connection prior to the download completing. So I
thought I would make a sub folder titled "Movies" in DCIM. I
successfully made a folder with directory DCIM/Movies. So I highlighted
a bunch of videos (approximately 20) and tried to drag from
DCIM/100Media to the folder I just created DCIM/Movies. When I did, the
software froze, and nothing was moving so I disconnected the wireless
connection between my phone and computer trying to see if I can restart
process. After doing so, I noticed that the videos that were
highlighted in DCIM/100Media were no longer there but nothing was
uploaded into DCIM/Movies. When I looked at my phone, the videos are
recognized in my camera shots directory but instead of showing the
video, all it shows is a black screen with a play button in the middle.
I am terrified that I lost those videos! Is there a way to recover
those videos?!?!? Please let me know if I
can recover those files!
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