Windows client wants me to update Airdroid on a device i no longer own

Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:19 am in AirDroid Web

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Please refer to the guide below to see if it helps:

How to delete an existing device from my account?[/b]It’s as easy as adding new device: Just open AirDroid on the device you want to delete and sign out from your account. And the device will disappear from your acccount the next time you sign in to, you may go to, click "Account", go to "Devices".Select the device you want to delete and click "X", enter AirDroid password, then click "OK". The device will be deleted immediately:ImageImage


Like I've said, i no longer own the initial phone, it has been factory reset and sold. (Airdroid is no longer installed on that device).
If I go to WebAirdroid > Account > Devices only my former device is shown and i cannot delete it. The instance i start the web version it tries to connect to my old device and does not show my current one.
I am able to connect my phone through the local version of Airdroid, but I cannot manage my account from there.

Anything else I can try?




I signed in into my account from my new device and it was detected next time i tried to login to the web version. I set my new device as default and was able to delete the old one.
Now the Windows client works and i can finally enjoy mirroring :)

Thanks for the support! It was a huge hassle to solve the issue in my case... my suggestion would be to either allow the user to start the Airdroid client without making necessary updates to all phone clients or to allow to delete even the default device; Otherwise, it's pretty counterintuitive...

Thanks again!
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