Selections in "Apps" interface cleared on period reload (Annoying!)

Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:42 am in AirDroid Web

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Selections in "Apps" interface cleared on period reload (Annoying!)

This is a really frustrating issue, and AirDroid is far from the only offender.

In the "Apps" web interface component, there's the option to select multiple items. Awesome! Great!

Except that the list of applications seems to refresh every 30seconds, minute or so. And that clears all of my selections.

Repeatedly trying to select multiple items and then having the selctions get cleared unexpectedly is actually surprisingly frustrating. If you can't retain the selections during the list "refresh," then please just remove the "multi-select" feature entirely, as it's actually doing the opposite of what it should, if it doesn't work practically when you have a lot of stuff to select.

This is the only reason I use the "apps" feature. Why bother, if it's just one at at a time?
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