Problem with microsd card not found at /storage/ext_sd

Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:34 pm in AirDroid Web

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Problem with microsd card not found at /storage/ext_sd

I'm on an HTC One Max for Verizon,
rooted, unlocked, s-off,
4.4.2 (with fix for micro sd card access).

HTC Mounts the card at /storage/ext_sd
not at /sdcard/ext_sd like it used to.

They do have a compatibility softlink
from / at /sdcard2 which -> points
to /storage/ext_sd.

I do have a real sub directory
/sdcard/ext_sd that it sees as the
real sd card :(.

It looks like you are looking at /sdcard/ext_sd which is where
it was mounted through 4.3 (with 4.4.2 it moved).


Followup... I added the /storage/ext_sd card path as 'External Sdcard' as described in the help system, the webpage see it there, (but still will not let me me set
any download path using it). It DOES NOT show up as external card on either the
phone or the windows client, ONLY the web page (mostly) works.The web page
summary in the corner also still shows both the sdcard and the external sdcard
as the same size (about 24gb) the real sd card is a 128gb (119GiB) card.
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