Problems conneting via WIFIquestion

Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:55 pm in AirDroid Web

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Problems conneting via WIFI

I can't connect to airdroid web when my computer and phone are both connected to the same WIFI, but it works when my phone's WIFI is turned off (so it is using mobile data).

I can't run the diagnostics because when I select the Help option in the phone app, I get a broken chain icon and the text "Failure. Please check if your network is correctly connected. [RELOAD]" This is just selecting "Help". I don't even get as far as running the diagnostics.

One strange thing I see is when I go into Settings, the "Push service" setting is turned on, but disconnected.

My firewall is set to allow AirDroid.exe, but that shouldn't matter with the website. Firefox is also allowed. I don't think it is a PC setting. Somehow my AirDroid app on the phone isn't connecting through WIFI. My WIFI router firewall is set to low security, so it shouldn't be blocking anything either.

Why is Push service disconnected? Why can't I select "Help"?

Re: Problems conneting via WIFI

Just to clarify, everything else is working. Lite Mode works, and even Air Mirror. All the steps from work as well. It is just AirDroid Web that won't connect.
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