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Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:43 pm in AirDroid Web

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Review past notificaitons


I was a pushbullet fan. Then they wanted $5 a month & the product became infuriating to use so I had another look at AirDroid. The reason I didn't select AirDroid to begin with is that I tend to use Linux desktops as well as OSuX & Windoze & I didn't like that you guys didn't take the time to port your app to Linux. I also didn't want to root my phone. However when reviewing Aidroid I saw the AirDroid Web & decided it might give me enough of what pushbullet did to make it worthwhile.

My use case for pushbullet was really simple. I wanted to use my computer to review & dismiss notifications on my phone. That's it. No file transfer, no mirroring etc. Just manage notifications.

With the Airdroid app, I can manage notifications (or at least see them). But for Airdroid web it only pops up a notification. If I can't deal with the notification immediately or if I'm not around, I'm stuck with using my phone. What am I missing?
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