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Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:44 am in AirDroid Web

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Raghu Sunderam

Bug report


I am experiencing this issue since quite some time, just found time to submit a bug report.
The problem is as follows.

If i have two numbers for a contact, Airdroid web includes the first number as well when dialing the second number and makes the second number to be invalid.

Example :
1st Number : 0987654321
2nd Number : 1234567890

When i dial the second number, the Airdroid web sends the second number to the phone as 09876543211234567890.
Making the second number invalid.

Please fix this problem as soon as possible.
Raghu Sunderam
Dora Admin

Re: Bug report

@raghu sunderam We are checking on it and will let you know if it is fixed.
Raghu Sunderam

Re: Bug report

I am still experiencing this problem.
Please fix the issue at the earliest.
Raghu Sunderam
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