Web Airdroid Connection Timeout

Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:24 am in AirDroid Web

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Web Airdroid Connection Timeout

Hello everyone.

I am having a problem using the browser version of Airdroid. The connection to the mobile keeps crashing by displaying a error message something like: "Connection timed out, please reconnect". This happens very frequently after disconnecting from a call or making one.

I solved this by automatically accepting the request of web Airdroid on the phone. So when it crashes I simply reconnect it on the browser.

But can this be circumvented? It is quite annoying and I make quite a handful of calls.

Details: Samsung Galaxy Fresh S7390 (Android 4.1.2) connected via USB, Windows 8.1, IE and Chrome display same problem

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Re: Web Airdroid Connection Timeout

Hi @12925154, if you turn on power saving mode, AirDroid (on the phone) will stop the service after about 30 mins' inactivity while the connection between phone and computer is still on. But if you never turn on power saving mode, AirDroid will not force stop the service. So the phone's system might be the reason. Due to the way different systems manage memory and battery, some systems might kill the process of apps after a long period of inactivity, say, 90 minutes like you mentioned in last mail. When the process is killed, you will see the error pop up on the screen.
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Re: Web Airdroid Connection Timeout

So, how this can solved? I'm having the same problem and the AirMirror shows that the phone in gray and the the phone won't come back alive but randomly
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