Importing music (wrong folder)

Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:40 pm in AirDroid Web

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Importing music (wrong folder)


I started using AirDroid some days ago and it just works great! Lovely application! Since I use it mostly for music files transfer, I had the chance to experiment what I believe is a bug (or maybe I simply can't get how to do the transfer properly).

When I import a song from my PC, it doesn't show in the AirDroid Music window and not even in the Music Application on the phone.

OS: Android 2.3.6 (Original)
Phone: Google Nexus S
Localization: Italian

1) Start AirDroud
2) Log in to the AirDroid panel using Google Chrome (17.0.963.56 m)
3) Open the Music panel and import an mp3 song
4) The software reports the song is correctly uploaded.
5) Refresh the Music window

I discovered that the imported music is saved inside the "music" folder while my phone, which was bought in Italy and is completely localized, stores and looks for the music in the "musica" folder (which is the Italian correspondent of music).

I can gather more information if needed!
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Thanks very much for the feedback. Improvement will be made in future updates.
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