Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (N)

Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:56 am in AirDroid Web

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (N)

Hello, I am having some issues transferring files to the (mounted) microSD card of my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus).

Connecting PC and Tablet works nicely and using the UI's File Browser i can locate and move to the "/mnt/sdcard/extStorages/" location where i want to upload my file (a video) to.

Dragging and dropping the file to initiate the transfer works fine and actualy reaches 100% (turns into "successful"), but the file name changes to "Failed to create new file" or something.

Using my tablet's browser to the folder yields no trace of the file either.

So...i investigate and found this info on another forum in regards to a similar and likely connected matter.

"Turns out Google had for some reason since Honeycomb 3.2 decided to
split the write permissions for the internal memory (the path of which
is confusingly named /mnt/sdcard) and external SD card memory (the path
being /mnt/sdcard/extStorages/SdCard) into WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and

The sdcard is mounted r/w, but the owning group is media_rw which is linked to the WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE permission.

Unfortunately, this permission was not required for access to the
external sdcard prior to 3.2 so most file management utilities do not
request it when they run...

meaning they only have read access to the card.

Before Honeycomb 3.2, apps only had to request for the permission
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and they would have write access to both the
internal and external so-called "sdcard" sets of memory.

Now, apps have to request for WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE if they want to write to the external SD card, but many of them have not yet been updated to do so yet.[/b]
This affects file managers / explorer / compression utility type apps
most often because users would tend to use them to copy / move / zip
files within the file system."

Maybe this is the reason the transfer fails?

I hope this is helps and can be fixed, i love the look, feel and functionality of AirDroid and would love it to overcome this irksome hurdle.

Good Luck and Thank you for this awesome product!


Anyone else who has experienced this issue?


Hmmm, guess i am the only one?


Same here. Cannot create file on Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800 Android 3.2) via Airdroid 1.0.7 beta.


As a note, even the "my Files" browser shipped with the tablet by Samsung does not seem able t write on the tablet. the "Polaris Office" that is shipped with it can do it nicely tho.
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