How to do screenshots with unrooted device?

Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:12 am in AirDroid Web

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How to do screenshots with unrooted device?

I have an unrooted device (myTouch). I installed Superuser and airDroid apps. Connection works flawlessly, I can see files etc. In other words - beautiful thing!

Now the question:
When I am trying to open "Screenshots", I am getting a dialog on the PC's browser prompting me to set up root privileges for airDroid on my phone. When I open "Superuser" app I don't see airDroid (or other apps to this matter) in the list. I followed the airDroid instructions to disable "Notifications' feature in superuser and I believe that it is disabled, i.e notification checkbox in superuser is grey. However, the PC browser still gives me the same dialog and I cannot access or set up screenshots delivery...

What is the problem? Or airDroid works only with rooted devices? I want to be able to set up screenshots delivered on my browser from my phone with some periodicity, say 5 mins or so.

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