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Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:09 pm in AirDroid Web

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New user, fresh install on a Galaxy S3, same issue. I can find them through my DCIM folder (thanks, Hetz), though I'd prefer to not go that route.
If I "select all", then uncheck one (I unselected the first one shown) and then download, I only get 29 photos, instead of 126.

If I first scroll down so that all of the photos are loaded into the view window, then select all, then uncheck ONE of them, then download, it works.

It's an annoying work-around, but in the end I got my photos downloaded. Otherwise, the app looks great. Please keep tweaking/fixing things!
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The bug will be fixed in AirDroid 2.
Hetz's solution is a good work around:

Instead of going to Photos, open Files, go to System -> Storage -> extSdCard -> DCIM
You'll find your pictures there. Use the mouse/keys to select which pics, then click download. The should have your files.



Thanks for the workaround. I was about to uninstall this app because the only reason I installed it was to wirelessly move my photos to my PC, and this bug made it seem like I couldn't do it.Thanks again.
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