[airdroid unusable] Works only with IE during 30s ! (wtf)

Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:05 pm in AirDroid Web

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[airdroid unusable] Works only with IE during 30s ! (wtf)


My problem is only with airdroid on different wifi network

I use airdroid on my HTC-Legend 2.3.7 with CyanogenMod 7-20121209 nightly
I can't use airdroid with wifi because it's on a different network so I use adb command with usb wire.
Howerer, my phone is connected on the Wifi
adb is installed on my computer (Windows 7 x64)
C:\Windows\system32>adb devices
List of devices attached
HT035NX02049 device

I start airdroid (listen port 9000), my phone have the USB debugging
I send command on dos command : adb forward tcp:9000 tcp:9000
I connect with Firefox
I write my password.

The connection is OK, on my smartphone " connected"
But when I want see my contacts, or send a SMS (or click one icon), I have the message "L'appareil ne répond pas" (Device not responding)
I don't know where is the problem.

Can you help me ?
Thank you


Without wire, by wifi (on the same network) with the smartphone ip, I can load contacts and all works fine.
But no with the localhost when the wifi is on a different network :(


I tried :

Browser cache and settingsClean the cache or try a different web browser and check if the same issue remains. For best performance we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari.I close all my browser and use ccleaner. I use Firefox 17.0.1 and Chrome and it's the same problem (with Opera 12.12 Rev. 1707, there is no login connection form)
Edit : oh shit, with IE 9, I can login and use SMS 1 time, after I have the same message:Device not responding. If I deconnect / reconnect, all works fine during 30 seconds only !

ROM and WiFi settings Check if your ROM or WiFi settings disable/limit WiFi connection when screen is off to save power. While WiFi is off AirDroid could not function normally.I check : Parameters>network>Wifi>Menu>Advanced>Wifi sleep policy>Never

Network status.
Connection may lost when network is unstable or
the signal is too weak. Check if any firewall or VPN settings that might
affect the connection.
My signal is satisfying

I uninstall reboot and reinstall application airdroid (and delete datas)

adbI send adb command with user or administrator mode




I reinstalled my system (my hard drive crashed) and reinstalled all the application.
I always have my problem with different wifi network. Airdroid works only with IE 9 during 30s
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