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I love this app! I've been playing with it half the night while we've been partying, and we've all decided that it really needs the ability to control the music playing on the phone so that I control the music playing on my stereo across the room over there.


Do you mean 'DLNA'? This is the technology for media sharing.
If those music files are on your android device and you want to play it on your computer in the same network,
you need to download an app with DLNA support and edit some security settings to allow your android device to access your media player on your computer.

Here is the security settings for Windows 7 users:
1. Open 'Control Panel'
2. Enter 'Network and Internet' Section
3. Enter 'Network and Sharing Centre'
4. Click 'Change advance sharing settings' on left colunm
5. Expand 'Home or Work'
6. Find 'Media streaming' section (under the 'Public folder sharing' section)
7. Turn 'On' the Media streaming function

Than, open the Windows Media Player and open the wifi on your android device.
finally, just use your DLNA app downloaded recently to play your music on your connected computer.

If you have any problem, please post a new comment and tell me what problem you have, thank you.
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