Phone not displaying "installed" apps?

Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:15 am in AirDroid Web

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Phone not displaying "installed" apps?

GooglePlay said I successfully installed two apps (Skype and AirDroid) to my Motorola 2.3 (T-Mobile LGE LG-P505 compatible with GooglePlay). I've been searching for them for hours. The list of apps under Applications/Manage Applications doesn't include Skype or AirDroid, even though according to GooglePlay, I installed them. This list does contain the 30 or so other system apps (also not installed by me) that were already on the phone. I also tried to use WonderShare to install the Skype apk from my PC. It "installed" it and lists this app under the other apps, but says its location is "Phone storage" instead of "System." The location for all the other apps is "System."
I installed AirDroid to try to get the Skype apk installed. (But I can't access AirDroid. I also looked for it on my PC. No sign of it there, either. Even though Google said "INSTALLED" a while after I clicked the sky-blue "INSTALL" button.)
My phone is not rooted. I looked into doing that, but got stopped at the Java SDK download and install steps.
If these apps actually are installing, my phone seems to be configured so they don't display in any lists.

How can I get it to display and properly use apps I'm trying to install (and according to GooglePlay, DID install)?
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