One unread message

Mon May 20, 2013 10:55 pm in AirDroid Web

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One unread message

Each time I start airdroid, I see information, that I have one unread message. I've tried to clear the app cache, re-install app, but nothing helps.
I'm not far from dev world, so if I may somehow help you to detect the issue, I will be glad to help.


Found a way to fix the issue. It seems that the issue wasn't related to AirDroid.

For men who find the solution:
1. Use any application that backups SMS and backup them. I've used the SuperBackup app.
2. Open the resulting XML file and find SMS which is unread. You should look for application-specific attribute, which mark whether SMS is read. For instance, for SuperBackup you should look for read="0" value to find unread message.
I've found one message with such attribute value.
3. Fix the value/remove the message entry (whole XML element [tag]).
4. I've removed all SMS from phone and restored again from fixed XML file.

After this I opened the AirDroid and found that the issue has gone.

Will be glad to know that this helped someone to fix this annoying issue ;)


I've actually found a more efficient solution which involves AirDroid. =P

Follow steps 1 and 2 as above.
3. Connect to AirDroid and perform a search using the body text of the messages that have read="0". For example, if the problem line is: (from SMS Backup And Restore)

Do a search for "BLAH BLAH BLAH" and use AirDroid to delete it. Searching finds the problem messages. Trying to use the stock messaging app on the phone will not allow a deletion from the results list (and it won't show up if I click on the message). AirDroid, however, does.

I think this issue is caused by a text message app crash / unexpected phone restart, and in my case, the problem message had a duplicate message. I had to guess which one was which. Should you delete the wrong one, you can just use the backup and restore the missing messages if they're important to you. Make sure the backup/restore app offers an option of detecting duplicates or you manually remove all but the problem messages from the backup file and restore just the missing messages.
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