Unable to Scan QR Code with Galaxy S4

Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:17 pm in AirDroid Web

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Unable to Scan QR Code with Galaxy S4

I installed AirDroid on my PC and on my Galaxy S4 phone and for some reason my Galaxy S4 does not
recognize the QR Code while my HTC Desire does.
Also, even my Motorola DEFY
phone picked up the QR code without any issues.
What can be the
The only way I got it to work is by manually typing in the phone's IP address
There IS NO Security or Firewall on my phone at all.
Pls help me!!!!! As I posted this type of issue on almost every Android phone forums but they don't seem to know themselves.

What settings perhaps I should check on the phone itself?
And can it be that some phone's camera cannot support certain QR codes???

I may think that it has to do something with the newer Android OS versions such as 4.2.2. But this is just a wild guess.
All my other phones I mentioned have Android 2.3.5.

I am not getting error messages, but when I hover my phone over the QR Code, no reaction at all. And I do see those tiny yellow specs of dots flashing as well, which means that it is scanning. But no reaction or connection.



I have this issue too, with my S4. I thought something was wrong with my phone until I found out that the S4 couldn't scan a QR code at such a close distance. Try scanning it from a farther distance and it should work. We should let Samsung know about this issue, because apparently the Note 2 and others don't have this problem.
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Thank you for your feedback. Our engineers are looking into this issue. Stay tuned for more update.
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