My phone screen is always on!!!question

Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:03 am in AirDroid App

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My phone screen is always on!!!

I have been using AirDroid without an account for more than a year now and everything was working great until I bought Mac and I wanted to integrate it with my S7 edge.. I downloaded the Mac App and gave it all the permissions it needs on my phone so I can get my notifications on Mac.
After that my phone screen never turn off unless I press the power button. I need to fix this because my phone will always be unlocked beside its draining my battery.
I checked the automatic screen turn off and its still set to 30 seconds but it doesn't turn off.

Can please someone help me?
ccccathyowo Admin

Re: My phone screen is always on!!!

Hi malqasmi,

To solve the issue for you more quickly and efficiently, would you please report this issue via Feedback with AirDroid on your device?

Steps: open AirDroid on your phone-->Me--> Settings-->About--> Feedback.

Please do tick the box of “Attach error logs” so that our developers can check the issue for you.

It would help us to gather the troubleshoot with more details (there's no personal data collected), we shall be able to prioritize your request.

Should you have any further questions, always feel free to let us know anytime!

Re: My phone screen is always on!!!

Hi malqasmi,

I have the exact same issue (also a Mac computer, but S7 not edge). If you find a solution for your problem, please share it with us. ; )


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