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Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:59 pm in AirDroid App

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Re: Server Down?

1) Explain what is Windows Server?Window server is a series of server operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation.
2) Explain in windows DNS server what is Primary, Secondary and Stub zone?In windows DNS server,
  • Primary Zone: In this, the file is saved as normal text file with filename (.dns).
  • Secondary Zone: It maintains a read-only copy of zone database on another DNS server. Also, it acts as a back-up server to the primary server by providing fault tolerance and load balancing
  • Stub Zone: It consists of a copy of name server and SOA records which is used for reducing the DNS search orders.
3) Explain what does IntelliMirror do?IntelliMirror helps to reconcile desktop settings, applications and stored files for users especially for those users who move between workstations or those who works offline
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