Sony Xperia Z3 using desktop version

Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:38 am in AirDroid App

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Sony Xperia Z3 using desktop version

Hey. I used to have this app on my samsung galaxy S3, and it worked pretty smoth. Now that I've upgraded to a Z3, my experience is pretty much different. I really want to keep the app, but it's impossible in its current state. Here are some issues I'm struggling with:
1: Not all contacts show in my address book (mainly facebook contacts). So sending a new sms is pretty crap.
2: When someone is calling me, it keeps ringing on my computer even though I've answered on my phone. Which means I can hear the ringing sound trough my headset if I'm in the room (lasts forever until I "X" out the frame). If i click "dismiss" instead of X, I end up hanging up.
3: I was in bed and put on a timer for 15 minutes to wake up, and suddenly, I heard a sound from my headset. It was airdroid counting down every second from 15 min -> 0 ^^.
4: When I send text messages, it crops every 160 signs into one sms. On my S3, I could send longer ones without any issues. I tried using the settings to fix it, but it didn't help. So pretty much every time I end up sending a long SMS, the program splits it into 3-4 parts.


Hi. I've got Z3 compact and using the web version.
I experience the same issues with text messages and contacts as jorgen1.
I didn't get a chance to check phone calls yet.
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