Connection time out!? How to solve?question

Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:29 pm in AirDroid App

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Connection time out!? How to solve?

Heya Droidies,

since awhile I´m using this great tool and I´m totally satisfied with it...

But there is one problem...

I´m using AirDroid on my Smartphone (Samsung) and on my Tablet (Lenovo A7600-H 3G), on/with my Phone everything is fine and I can transfer files without a timelimit!

But if I use AirDroid on/with my Tablet, after a short while the connection is disabled and it´s impossible to transfer "bigger" files...
I´m not really sure where/what the problem is...

Usually I´ve been disconnected when the screensaver starts, but after I disabled it, my connection still is cancelled after 2 minutes...
So I´m NOT sure if it´s an option/setting of the AirDroid-App (on the Tablet) I didn´t set or if it´s an option/setting from the Tablet as such...

I would REALLY appreciate it, if anyone could help me to solve this problem!

THX! & Greetz,
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