can't install apps error code 504

Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:13 am in AirDroid App

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can't install apps error code 504

Hello Guys,
I tried to install airdroid but receiving errors. can't install apps error code 504. tried to clear cache and even check the storage. still have the same problem. the last thing i tried to do is install the old versions i can only install ver. 3.2.6 without a problem. starting on version 4 i am having problems. can you pls. help me on this. by the way i am using android 5.1.

- Device Model: myphone32
- Android/Computer OS Version: android 5.1
- ROM: Stock ROM
- Browser: uc browser
- AirDroid Win/Mac & App version:
- Internet Connection (WIFI or Carrier, Carrier Name): PLDT DSL
- Connection Mode:WIFI
- Bug Description: can't install apps error code 504
- Logs & Exceptions:
- Screenshots:
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