Very high data consumptionquestion

Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:02 pm in AirDroid App

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Very high data consumption

Hello. In recent times I have been alert for an exaggerated consumption of data by Airdroid. At first I checked this consumption through the data usage chart of the Android system. After that, I installed an application (3G Watch Dog). I only use Airdroid as a security application, to locate in case of loss / theft. In 99% of the time, it is only running in the background without me opening or using it, either with Airdroid Web or Airdroid for Windows. And even so I see a consumption between 20 and 50 Mb daily, which in a month may imply a use between 600Mb and 1.5Gb. These figures have no justification. I wonder if there will be no hidden data flow, and with what justification or intent? I still suspected that someone could have improper access to my account and to my device. For this reason, I recently changed my password, but the abnormal data consumption remains high. I still do not understand and suspect why you do not implement a two factor authentication. That is, I am totally losing confidence in Airdroid and I am already analyzing options that allow me to replace it with another app. I have already noticed that there are several topics on the abnormal use of data, but in none of them is an explanation / solution given. I am led to believe that many users do not speak of this problem because, they are not aware of this situation. Another strange situation is that in Playstore web, the last update of Airdroid dates from June 2018, but on my smartphone, indicates that the last update is from May 2018. So much time without updates will not be demonstrative of some divestment in the app by part of the programmers? I would like to have more feedback and explanations from Sand Studio. I'm seriously considering removing the app from my device. I will await for an answer. Best Regards.

P.S. In my Airdroid data folder i have 3 log files (main.log, main.log.1, main.log.2). Which one do you need to be able to make an evaluation of what is going on with the application?
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Re: Very high data consumption

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