Text messages are sending in fragments

Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:28 pm in Other Issues

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Text messages are sending in fragments

Hi, so I'm a bit confused. I usually use the text feature of this app to send longer text messages. This has been working fine for the past few months but up until recently, my texts (which aren't even very long. Usually around 300-400 characters) send in small, numerous fragments. If it's bothering me, I can only imagine what the recipients are thinking. It has gotten bad to the point that it even cuts words in half. Here's screenshots of the text I've sent lately:

As you can see, it chopped my "stationed" and "and." Anyone know how to fix this? :(
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Re: Text messages are sending in fragments


Is your device running Android 4.4+? If yes, sorry that messages sent via AirDroid will split into several parts on your side. But the recipient will receive it as a whole one. You can learn more here: [Help & FAQ] Long SMS Split Into Several Parts on Android 4.4 +
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