Assessment of AirDroid after 2 wks - UI and functions unnecessarily convoluted

Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:15 pm in Other Issues

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Assessment of AirDroid after 2 wks - UI and functions unnecessarily convoluted

I left Pushbullet because of it's incomprehensible UI and things that you run into from that basic issue. AirDroid has many more features and capabilities, no doubt. But I'm hourly running into things that are annoying enough to make me wonder. I have multiple devices (Mac, Android) sync'd to the service sharing notifications, however it's not smooth sailing.
  • None of the options other than "Dismiss" seem to do anything on the Mac Desktop version when handling a pop-up notification. If I select "Block", I get a "Couldn't block" message back, but no explanation as to why or what to do. If I select "Reply" to an email or SMS notification, nothing happens... no msg, no feedback, nada.
  • If I receive a phone call on my Note 4, my desktop alerts me, but none (zero) of the options do anything, not even dismiss. The alert keeps ringing and ringing, while dismiss, hang up, mute, etc. do nothing at all. Really annoying.
  • AirDroid on all platforms suffers from the same UI design flaw so common these days in many apps that try to look sophisticated or following material design... i.e. navigation icons that you're supposed to know what they do with no hover text, no label, just an icon are all you see. I for one don't have time for apps that make me have to wonder what they want me to do or expect me to figure out their convoluted interface, and AirDroid, though not as bad as Pushbullet, does have a convoluted interface that's trying to be too clever at the expense of clear understandable functionality.
Why can't someone design an app like this that is clear as a bell simple to use and understand, that leaves no mystery for the user to have to discover and solve?

AirDroid, lots of promise, but misguided in the UI and not entirely functional when it seems it should be. I'll give it more time, but let's say the scent is off the flower.
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