Issues sending to multiple contacts a single sms

Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:04 am in Other Issues

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Issues sending to multiple contacts a single sms

Good Morning,

At our office we user your application extensively to send sms’s in bulk to a large number of our employees at a go. We are experiencing two issues with your application be it the pc based application or the web application.

  1. Sms’s even those under 160 characters are being split into multiple sms’s even those over 160 characters when being sent to a group. I ran a test where I sent an sms from my work mobile to my personal mobile with a text over 160+ characters for example 405 characters, and I get them as a single SMS. Can you kindly advise as to why this is happening when sending to a group? This is causing us great frustration.
The other issue is that the windows application in particular when sending messages to a group of numbers, it sends the message split up to the first number and then blank sms’s to everyone else in the group.

Kindly advise ASAP as this application is essential to our day to day operations.
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