Can't connect at work from web.airdroid.comquestion

Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:03 pm in Other Issues

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Can't connect at work from

First of all, I know there are a lot of other threads about not being able to connect behind work proxies. I'm starting this thread as I don't believe that is the issue I'm encountering.

I know AirDroid is working on my device as I'm able to connect from home. However at work it won't connect to my device from the web or from the Windows application.

The issue for me appears to be due to the use of non-standard ports on the phone itself. All of the ports that can be used are between 8,000 and 10,000. I understand that it has to be that way as you can't put the connection through a common port such as 80 or 443.

At work, they lock down all ports except the common ones. I'm able to log in to my account when going to, however once logged in it is not able to connect to my phone. Is the website some how trying to connect directly to my phone using that port (say 8888)? I would have assumed that since I'm logging in to the website, the AirDroid servers are getting the connection from my phone on the non-standard port and then forwarding all other communication through the AirDroid servers via port 443 to my browser.

Considering that I can connect from home and not from work however, that does not appear to be the case.

If what I'm thinking is happening, is there a reason why the website is then trying to connect directly to my phone via that non-standard port and is there a reason the traffic can't all go through the AirDroid servers (and presumably then over port 443)?

I know for myself the main time I would make use of a service like AirDroid is from work so until I can connect to my phone from work, it's not worth it to me to pay for the premium service.

If I was able to connect from work, I'd buy the premium service in a heartbeat.


EDIT: I did a bit more research tonight about the internet security software my organization uses (Zscaler). They definitely have SSL Inspection enabled but I'm not sure if that's the culprit. Generally speaking, if something is blocked, they display a page letting us know that it's blocked and why. I'm not getting that when logging in to the site so it doesn't appear to be blocked at that point. This is again why I'm wondering if it has something to do with how the connection is being setup with the phone and the port it is using.

Re: Can't connect at work from

There seems to be a major dearth of responses to questions in this sub-forum. It would be very much appreciated if I could get a response, even if it it just to say that you're not sure or need to look into it.

It is obviously not uncommon to have questions be completely ignored and I have to say it is very off-putting. Even just responding to acknowledge that your team saw a question would go a long way towards making your team seem more responsive to the community.
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