Connection Failed

Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:56 am in Other Issues

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Luke Att-wellz

Connection Failed


I have had Airdroid for years on my phone.
For some reason i am never able to connect using my 4G connection.
Everytime i log in i keep getting the error message "Connection Failed" Troubleshooting guide.
I have logged in properly on the site. I have also logged in properly on my android app.
It doesnt matter whether i keep my screen ON or OFF. Every single time i try to connect it always gives me the same above error.
It works fine over wifi.
Is there something i need to change in order to connect via a normal data (4G) connection?
I have turned on the following settings on my device also:
Power saving mode (OFF and ON) - no luck
Web Lite (IP Connection): HTTPS Connection (ON and OFF) - no luck
Require Confirmation (ON and OFF) - no luck

Is there a specific PORT i need to be using?
I have tried 8888 / 9800 / Auto - i gave up on this after changing these didnt seem to work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Luke Att-wellz
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