How to change Wallpaper on Android

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How to change Wallpaper on Android

How to change wallpapers on Android Phones

Wallpapers are one of the things that’s helps us in customizing our mobile phones which gives impressive looks and shows the mentality of the user. All android phones comes with their custom wallpapers and live wallpapers. User can also set their choosed pictures as wallpapers. By changing wallpaper we never get bored from one phone because it gives different look every time we change wallpapers in phone. Even a cheap mobile can get the nexus look.


Usually android phones comes with their Android UI by many phone manufacturing companies provide their own UI instead of Android UI. Changing in UI there may be changes in some icons and layout of the screen but it does not affect the steps of changing wallpapers.

Android device has many types of wallpapers such as live wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, and wallpaper. Live wallpaper is those pictures which have its several moving parts moving after some interval of time and the lock screen wallpapers are those wallpapers which show only when the screen is locked after opening the phone we can see another wallpaper.

A user can change wallpaper by using many app on the internet and also change from phone’s setting.

We can change wallpaper in Android device using different methods

Follow these steps to change wallpapers in android device.


Method 1

Step 1: Go to the settings of your phones (menu > setting)

Step 2: Select the display option in the setting ( setting > display)

Step 3:Tap on wallpaper option (display > wallpapers)

Step 4: Now you can see many option like live wallpapers ,lock screen wallpapers and wallpapers and gallery

Step 5: If you want to select wallpapers from Gallery then go to the gallery option and you
can also select default wallpapers simply going with rest options

Step 6: Now click on picture to select the picture and select the tick option or done.


Method 2

Here is the second method for changing wallpaper

Step 1: Tap and hold on empty part of Home screen

Step 2: Now you can see the options on bottom of the screen select the wallpaper option

Step 3: Select the wallpaper

Step 4: Tap on done or tick mark on the screen

These are the steps for changing the wallpaper in android device usually android device comes with Android user interface but many phone manufacture company creates their own UI such as Samsung ,Mi. user can face problem of identifying icons and screen layout but the steps and intermediate option in changing the wallpapers are same.


Android UI are changes with update of android with the changes of android users can have more default wallpapers and features.

There are many apps on the internet which provides facility of changing wallpapers and gives their collection of wallpapers also. These apps provides many facilities such as changing wallpaper after certain period of time and provide icons design with wallpapers also. These apps can cause of laaging the performance of your device so best suggestion for you is use the inbuilt setting of your phone for changing the wallpaper.
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