Firewall settings (double post, please delete it!)

Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:39 am in Other Issues

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Firewall settings (double post, please delete it!)

Hello guys,

this software sounds way interesting to me, I'd really like to use it.
But, I'm also a little paranoid.

I often use a feature on my phone to deactivate some rights, some apps get.
In this case, it wouldn't make sense to not allow AirDroid to use the network connection.

But is there a way, to let AirDroid, for example - only use the local network?
Something in combination with a firewall app?

Can You recommend such a firewall?
Can You recommend the settings for it/AirDroid?

Or is there another way?

And don't be angry at me, I would pay for AirDroid, I really would, but I'd still like to do something to feel more secure.
I mean, it's my SMS, contacts, Emails, calendar, ....
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