Direct Download and multi-device support

Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:36 pm in Feature Requests

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Direct Download and multi-device support

I had two suggestions:

1.) I use a Chromebook and the benefit of having a Chromebook is that you can upload and download files to and from Google Drive as if it were your physical computer. I was using Airdroid today (which I love by the way) and thought, how cool would it be if Airdroid had a Chrome extension that allowed you to do that with your phone. What if you could use your phone as a wireless external drive for your computer using Airdroid? What if you could download photos, videos, music and other files straight from the web to your phone? What if you could upload files from your phone straight to the web using Airdroid? Let's get this straight. Airdroid is my downright favorite program ever, on any platform. If you added this I would find a way to pay you guys for this app. This app is already too awesome.

2.) The second feature I thought would be great is having multi-device support. This way we could have multiple devices linked to our Airdroid account and switch seamlessly in between them.

Anyway that's all. Keep up with the great work!
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