returned from over a year ago...

Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:00 pm in Feature Requests

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returned from over a year ago...

Hi. I just returned to using airdroid for mac from MySMS. I'm looking forward to seeing how AD4 works on Mac.

With that, I'm surprised as a user and someone who designs software for a living about the following:

- How good Airmirror now works. This is a pretty big feature and the icon to get to it should not be buried at the bottom amongst copy, paste, etc. It should be persistent at the top with the other tabs. When you click it, it opens a tab.

- MMS: Where is it? Your competitors have it and yours does not. I'm not sure if you guys know this, but you'd have a lot more customers if this feature was enabled. Your community is asking for it, and coming from mysms (which is pretty terrible), Airdroid should have it.

I'm sure if you conducted a serious heuristic evaluation combined with some of the most repetitive user feedback along with the endless articles that praise you for most of your features, you would be able to focus the interaction model and features within this app. I think the draw for this app is mirroring, messaging, and transferring followed by some secondary and tertiary features. With the addition of MMS, you should be able to draw a much larger user base and appease the users who want MMS.

Thanks for listening.
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