Real Control of the phone

Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:23 am in Feature Requests

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Real Control of the phone

Thanks for the development of this nice app that is unfortunately not so usefull for me.

But I think it Airdroid can make the buzz easily at this point of the developement, as you are already succeeding transfering informations through wifi network between computer and android. The most promising features for my point of view is the screen capture and the camera viewer.

But let me suggests function that would make the buzz:
1- It's fine listening at the music of my phone but I'm on my Mac on which there is my Itunes library!
Being able to start application on the mobile itself would allow me to use my mobile as airport express. I plug my mobile headphone output to my home hifi stereo than through Airdroid launch google play in which there is also my itunes library..... if this function is possible and I'm sure it is you can compete Airport express modules which are quite expensive, and raise added value to your application.

2- fine receiving alert when phone calls ring, but what is the point if I can't answer? The same for starting call from airport.... the calls need to be done on the phone anyway, so better to do it directly on my phone. So being able to continue the action on the webbrowser would kind of magic.

3- The screenshot capture is nice too, but I was kind of frustrated not to be able to go around from my phone directly from the screenshot frame. So this feature only don't means much to me at this point as to navigate on my phone I still need to have it on my hand from where I can already see the screen of my mobile.

Many other suggestions could be done, but as I don't know at which point they are technically realistic I'lll stop with those 3 very first impressions. I do think your work is the beggining of a Great app if you succeed going further. I'll follow the development of it and wish to read some feedback on this message soon.

Best regards.
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