More than one phone

Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:46 pm in Feature Requests

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More than one phone

Hi, i just started with Airdroid and i am enthusiastic about it!
I use a PC with XP Pro and have a Samsung TAB 2 tablet and a HTC Android phone.
Also i have a MINIX NEO 5 Android media player.
It works fine, no problems.
But i have this questions....
1- Can i log in with more then one device?
And if so, how do i do that?
2- On my PC there is a option Multiple Desktop, where is that for?


1.AirDroid do not support multi-device for the moment, but we will add this in near future.
2.You can add some widgets (such as folders) on AirDroid desktop, this might help you to manage your files much easier.
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