Root support! For uninstallation of System apps! Please :(

Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:05 pm in Feature Requests

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Root support! For uninstallation of System apps! Please :(

Dear developers, thank you for your app and service.
I see that there are several good features, and the installing and uninstalling of user apps is possible, but it's not possible to uninstall SYSTEM apps. That's really sad for us users with rooted phones. Can you please, I beg you, implement this feature? To uninstall system apps is really important feature in all the Android OS, that's what makes Android so cool, to be able to modify it. We have the ability to control and do lots of things with this software, but it's lacking this important feature.

Can you please tell me, when this possibly will be in AirDroid? Also, the ability to not only see the screen of the phone but control it with the mouse would be awesome! I know with this 2 features you'll be getting much more paid subscribers, if you decide to implement it for paid subscribers. Please tell me if this request is under development or something, and I if it will be paid or not so I can start saving. Thank you!

- L.

Pd: My kitty and I beg you!


Thanks for your suggestions and lovely kitty :)
Sorry to tell you that your suggestions might not be part of the plan now. But we will take your suggestions into consideration and try to add these features in future updates.

Feel free to let us know if you have any ideas. ;)
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