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Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:30 pm in Feature Requests

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Phone Projector

Hi I work at a school, and I have had many teachers asking is there a cable they can use to project their phone screens onto a projector screen so students can see the apps the teachers are using ie in Physics.

This would be really handy in many ways. Also it would be quite handy to have a screen recorder so when teachers want to set a project up they can play the video and show what the wteacher wants them to do when designing apps in the ict lesson on the computers.

Any help would be fantastic.

We do not want to start having to download apk files and rooting phones installing java etc. Just an app on your airdroid that lets us do the above.




Thanks for your feedback.
AirDroid now do not support recording screen. But if your device has been rooted, you might try "Screenshot" feature. You can see the operations of your device on the web browser nearly in real-time.
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