Better handling of larger numbers of photos for download (1000+ in DCIM)

Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:47 pm in Feature Requests

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Better handling of larger numbers of photos for download (1000+ in DCIM)

I have two problems with AirDroid (but I really like the software!) Thanks!
1) When downloading video files (typically 60-500 Mb in size), the transfer will often stall... especially after the phone goes to sleep?

2) I have a hard time sorting through picture files, since when AirDroid tries to generate a thumbnail list, it starts reverse chronologically, and there is no sorting... it takes a long time to generate the thumbnail list in the browser and my *goal* is to start with downloading and deleting the *oldest* pictures from the phone. AirDroid needs to give the user more options for dealing with large numbers of pictures... generate a file list, sort by date newest to oldest *and* oldest to newest....


Hi bbneo,
Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.

1) Have you set any power saving mode on your device? Does connection still on when your phone go sleep?

2) Thanks for your suggestion. We've gathered your feature request and will try to make improvements in future updates. And you may post your ideas here: you'll have a chance to win AirDroid Premium :)
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