Some kind of alert for incoming MMS

Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:36 pm in Feature Requests

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Some kind of alert for incoming MMS

Is it possible to at least get some sort of alert when a new MMS arrives? I can understand there are difficulties with MMS display, but a notification would be perfect :)


Hi Tiwas,
If you device is running Android 4.0 and later, you may try Notification Mirror. It allows you to view all the app and system notifications on your computer.

More detailed guide: ... ion-mirror

Feel free to let us know if you need more help : )


Thanks for the quick reply :)

I already had that enabled, so I turned on desktop notifications...and then the notifications stopped alltogether ;) At least the test notifications didn't show through. I unchecked everything except:
* Google Play Store
* Android System
* Email
* CM Updater
* Timely
* System UI
* Dialer
* Kitchen timer
* Messenger
* Themer
* Instagram
* - Proff (service to block sales calls)
* LinkedIn
* DEFA Link (to get alerts if I forget to insert the power to the car heater)
* chompSMS
* Nights Keeper

Any idea why the test isn't coming through to the computer? I just noticed other messages coming through while I was typing this - but still think it may be of interest to others if they're using the test notification to see if it's working ;)


Update: So I send myself an MMS, and I got a little notification...but it's 1: very brief and 2: no indication of it being an MMS.

Wouldn't it be better to show a block or something inline in airdroid just saying "You received an MMS. At the current time we can not display these, so please check your phone." or something like it?
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