Windows Desktop Client Enhancements

Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:31 pm in Feature Requests

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Windows Desktop Client Enhancements

I really like where you're going with the desktop client, but I have the following suggestions:
1. Screen mirroring on Android Lollipop shouldn't require your device to be rooted - just use the new screen recording API like other screen mirroring apps do now.

2. Add the missing functionality from the website version (e.g. file browsing, app installation/management, etc).

3. I'm not sure this is possible without other devs explicitly plugging it in, but maybe provide an API so that we can use Viber in the same way as we do SMS messages (i.e. browse, send and reply, etc).

4. Provide a way to clear all of the notifications at once. At the moment you can multiselect all of the notifications but then you can't hit delete or right click, etc.

5. Provide a timestamp on notifications so that you can tell when they came in.

6. When you receive a notification that hasn't been read yet, change the desktop icon in the task tray to inidicate the number of unread notifications/text messages, etc.

7. When a notification from something like GMail is received, the notification popup is so big that the top and bottom of it are off the top and bottom of my screen. There should either be a maximum size or a scroll bar.

8. Change the port that's used by the desktop client to allow it to be used on corporate networks where the external firewall (i.e. not the client firewall) blocks non-standard ports. Making it configurable, or tunnelling through HTTP, or setting it to something like 80 would work for most people I expect.
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