Windows Desktop Notification Options

Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:12 am in Feature Requests

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Windows Desktop Notification Options

It would be nice if we could get some options for these pushed notifications. At the moment they pile up in the most inconvenient place.
Option A:
1.) Give us the option to have them show for 'so-many seconds' then fade.
2.) Let us determine where to have these notifications pop-up. I have 2 monitors and I'm aware that a lot of the PC-using community also uses a minimum of 2 monitors. So it's nice to have the notifications show up in a place that's not blocking our current project on the main monitor.
Option B:
1.) Make a notification window that houses the entirety of notifications. It can flash or something so that we can know to check it, etc.
2.) Give us a check all feature in this window so we can wipe all notifications as seen.
3.) Give us a thumbtack for notifications so we can pin the notifications we don't want to go away when we click the clear all feature.

Thanks for any consideration.
Love airdroid


Thanks for your suggestions. We've collected them and our product team will take these into consideration.

You may refer to the guide here to see if it helps: ... ific-apps-
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