Bluetooth support, even limited would be good

Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:12 am in Feature Requests

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Bluetooth support, even limited would be good

My request is to add bluetooth support to AirDroid.

My main router given me by my ADSL provider cannot be replaced with a generic one because the ADSL provider doesn't allow it. This router has the worst WiFi signal I ever seen on a router, so I had to buy an Ethernet to WiFi access point, which I'm now using. But I guess you already understood the problem: the Eth->WiFi AP creates another LAN that becomes inaccessible from any of the devices connected to the main router.

I have a Bluetooth adapter on my PC and I would love to use Bluetooth. I don't want to register with an AirDroid account because I don't need to use my device from remote locations. And also, I don't want the AirDroid traffic to go outside the local network.

Please, please implement Bluetooth support! I would be fine even with limited functionality like File manager and contacts management only. If you want I can also join you as beta tester; I own a OnePlus One myself, my parents own a galaxy S1 and S2 which look to me good enough for testing.

Let me know, and thank you for this great product!
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