Don't notify of disconnect

Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:14 pm in Feature Requests

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Don''t notify of disconnect

I am always getting a notification telling me that AirDoid is disconnected. I have to press OK to make it go away. Well, yes. This is a laptop. It is often disconnected from the internet. When I take it to a new location, even if there is a connection available, it takes a while to connect. But this notice pops up immediately. I know when I don't have a connection, and I don't need AirDroid to remind me. Please, at least make this annoying notification optional in settings. Maybe someone needs it, but for those of us who don't, let us turn it off. You can change the icon or something to indicate that it's unavailable, but don't interrupt my work. Thanks.

Re: Don't notify of disconnect


I fully agree with what has been said above. I am using AirDroid on my Surface Pro 3 and I am out and about most of the day as part of my job. And every 5 minutes AirDroid interrupts with this stupid notification!
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Re: Don't notify of disconnect

Thanks for the feedback. We're planning to improve this. Please kindly stay tuned.

And sorry for any inconvenience this has caused :( 
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