one click activation of hotspot

Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:02 am in Feature Requests

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one click activation of hotspot

Hi there,
Airdroid is no.1 app in my phone. And i also use hotspot in the airdroid. I would like to request if in some way you can enable auto activation of hotspot (as soon as you open the app) or a just a single touch on the hotspot icon to activate it (in the present you have to touch start Hotspot after you touch the hotspot main button.) Please try to add it as an option.

Another request is: if it possible to create hotspot with WPA2. currently if you start hotspot the default mode is WPA mode. So it would be nice if you add it as an option too.

I like to thank you for your efforts and look forward to see these features in near future.

Thanks for your support.
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